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Bechstein Hall


We’re thoroughly enjoying our work with C. Bechstein Pianoforte, Myco, Collins Commercial and Kahle Acoustics on developing the new mixed-use space on Wigmore Street, London for the premium piano manufacturers; Bechstein. The crown jewel of this project being the 100-seat concert venue which will be named “Bechstein Hall”.

The team at SRTC are providing theatre consultancy services and having completed Stage 3 and progressing well into Stage 4, the project is on track for its opening in Spring 2024.

The new C. Bechstein Centre London building is located at 22 Wigmore Street and includes a two-story flagship showroom,7 practice rooms and a selection room for concert hire pianos in the basement, as well as 8 apartments on the upper floors for private rentals.

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Photo courtesy of Purcell Architects

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