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Digital Exhibition Space


Diversifying from our usual theatre-style, SRTC were appointed by Coventry City of Culture Trust in the lead up to this new exhibition experience which sees the UK’s first permanent immersive digital art gallery as part of the City of Culture 2021.


Located at The Reel Store in Coventry, visitors will visit a space that features innovative, experiential art commissions, the first exhibition being the Machine Memoirs: Space by internationally acclaimed artist Refik Anadol. The main 800m2 exhibition space houses a large projection mapping canvas with multiple high quality video projectors and an immersive sound system.


The Trust were delighted to have SRTC support them on this landmark legacy project to provide insightful expertise, cost saving attention to detail and a positive and supportive counsel.

Photo Credit: Refik Anadol Studio

The Yard at Chicago gfd

Interested to find out more? Please do get in touch.

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