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Flip Tanner

Director/ Project Lead/ Client Representative

Flip has 32 years of experience with the last 18 years focused on venue consultancy. Flip’s experience includes two decades with the Royal Shakespeare Company, culminating as Project Coordinator for the RSC’s famous transformation project.

He has amassed many credits, including Theatre Planner, Stage Manager, Videographer and Technical Director working with Designers and Directors including Katie Mitchell, Sir Peter Hall and Michael Boyd. From his varied career he now has a myriad of expertise in many areas of the theatre. His passion, his astute eye for detail and his remarkable network of collaborators led him to take the leap and set up Stage Right Theatre Consultants. His vision is to offer global expertise with a regional grounding and understanding. 

"Flip has in-depth knowledge of the historical development of theatre spaces, and a highly sophisticated understanding of the new technologies used in theatres today. He is an engaging and fluent communicator and handles the different personalities, vested interests, stakeholders and egos to be found in the world of theatre with skill, good humour and subtlety." - Susie Sainsbury


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