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Libby Watson

Senior Theatre Designer

Libby has worked as a Theatre Designer for over 25 years working in all aspects of design in the industry from large scale touring theatre to West End drama. Her work has taken her from the Royal Court London to musical theatre in Bogota; Columbia.

Her varied career has given her an insight into many styles of presenting entertainment in extremely varied venues. From large-scale proscenium auditoriums in the UK and Europe to intimate studio and in-the-round spaces in regional theatres around the country. She has also worked on site-specific productions, which include the design of temporary and adaptable auditoriums.


Libby has extensive experience in giving the audience the best possible experience in a live venue with particular consideration to sightlines and ultimately the connection from auditorium and audience to stage.

"Libby Watson's magnificent set and costumes incorporate both colonial majesty and woodland mystery"​ - A Midsummer Night's Dream by Sir Trevor Nunn - The Stage


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