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Matt Graham

Theatre Consultant

Matt’s experience comes from 15 years of being the Technical Manager at Tobacco Factory Theatres. Within the constraints of budgets and resources he has helped bring a somewhat basic community-based, professional theatre operation to a modern, fit-for-purpose facility. Matt has worked on several refits, new ground up, associated studio theatre developments as well as constant upgrades to the main theatre space.


Matt specialises in lighting and has extensive experience of “in the round” format with an intimate audience. He has used his lighting design skills across many productions and other venues, both nationally and internationally.


Highlights include supporting Shakespeare at the Tobacco Factory Company through all its productions and tours to become an internationally recognised and innovative producer of Shakespeare plays, as well as a successful design and build of The Brewery and Spielman Theatres.

"Matt is always searching, always flexible, never ruffled. He did an outstanding job, while at the same time spearheading the conversion of an uncomfortable and unventilated space within a space into the best studio theatre in the Bristol region" Founder - Shakespeare at The Tobacco Factory.


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