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Xiqu Centre Opera House


The 1,100-seat auditorium is designed to host Cantonese Opera and visiting touring productions. Flip Tanner was the team leader for this project as Head of the UK office for FDA, working closely with Revery Architecture (formerly Bing Thom Architects) and Ronald Lu & Partners Hong Kong. The project includes a powered flying system, a double orchestra pit lift and seating wagons. As the first venue for WKCDA’s cultural district, the brief for this project was to provide international standard theatre systems to a high-quality. In addition to the main house theatre the project includes a traditional Tea House Theatre, rehearsal studios and educational spaces.

Flip's work on the backstage planning for this project contributed to enabling an unusual feature for an arts centre design; the auditorium was elevated to the 5th floor allowing patrons to enter on a ground level plaza with the principle auditoria being located above them. 

© Images courtesy of Revery Architects

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