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Stage Right Theatre Consultants Ltd (SRTC) is a theatre design practice now in its sixth year and led by Flip Tanner. Following nearly twenty years with the Royal Shakespeare Company and work for two of the world’s leading theatre consultants and acousticians, Flip has amassed a significant number of credits and established a great network of talented designers and engineers to collaborate together on venue design projects.

Since SRTC's inception in 2019, we've successfully navigated a global pandemic, completed work on several projects both in the UK and overseas, and amongst theatre closures during the pandemic, we provided various work opportunities to practitioners within the arts industry. We are based near the heart of Shakespeare's Stratford-upon-Avon and see ourselves as a regional consultant with global expertise, supported by team members based all over the UK.

The range of services we provide includes strategy and leadership for cultural projects as well as the typical services such as venue design and technical system design. Venues for performance are complex buildings and we believe our excellent collaborative skills and a curious and innovative approach, are key components to ensure your project is a success.

The team has experience of working with clients such as the Royal Shakespeare Company, Oldham Coliseum, Oxford Universities, Battersea Power Station Development Company, Shakespeare’s Globe London, Albany Theatre Coventry, The Royal Academy of Music, London, Marlborough College, and Bolton Octagon Theatre. Recent international clients include LaSalle College of Music, The Esplanade, Singapore and Chicago Shakespeare Theatre.

Members of the team continue to practice within the theatre industry in roles such as scenic and costume design, technical design and lighting design. We believe this connection to the industry keeps our feet 'on the stage' and realistic in ensuring the emerging venue design aligns with current best practice.

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We believe the performance arts are vital for communities to connect with each other and can be inspirational as well as enriching. Our vision is to provide a wonderful container for that magic to happen through our projects, for which it is a privilege to play our part.

We enjoy what we do, and we believe our passion influences the team as we collaborate with clients, artists, musicians, architects, designers, engineers and other specialists in the industry.



SRTC are committed to conserving the environment and treating natural resources with care and respect. Collectively we all have a part to play in making a big impact on the environment in the venues we design. SRTC actively engage in sustainability reviews at key stages of the project with the design team, beginning with investigating how much of an existing building might be re-used, right through to the detailed design stage and the type of technologies we specify. Our aim is to continuously assess and consistently work to reduce the impact of the design team's actions on the environment at all stages.


SRTC work continuously towards reducing the burden on the environment and the use of energy and resources. We are committed to the recycling of materials and the minimisation of waste and where possible we reduce our travel to meetings and clients when they can productively and efficiently be taken online instead. 

Furthermore, as part our of environmental policy, Stage Right Theatre Consultants Ltd is a Woodland Trust Corporate Member, helping to create, restore and protect UK Woodland. 

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Social Value

As Theatre Consultants, we consider it a privilege to play our part in connecting and inspiring communities through the buildings we help to design. The performing arts brings together the creative and the skilled, as well as the local community, creating employment opportunities during the building construction as well as its future life as a production/producing venue.


Through our services in theatre design and technical services, we seek to engage, train and share our theatrical experience and compassion with local communities. Along with the project's design team, we take part in opportunities to educate local schools and programmes, to inspire and enrich. Through performance spaces we have a wonderful privilege to make memorable and rewarding experiences and we cherish this opportunity throughout each project. 




We are delighted to be a certified Corporate Sponsor of Theatres Trust.

The Theatres Trust is the national advisory public body for theatres. The Theatres Trust Charitable Fund supports the work of The Theatres Trust, has the same Trustees and is registered as a charity under number 274697.

As Theatre Consultants, we are proud to support the industry and to be members of the following affiliations:

Institute of Theatre Consultants (IOTC) 

Association of British Theatre Technicians (ABTT) Silver membership


SRTC's Director Flip Tanner is also proud to be a Trustee for the Bristol Old Vic Theatre School (BOVTS).  

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Winston Churchill Fellowship

As part of Flip's extensive career to date, he was delighted to be part of The Winston Churchill Memorial Trust where he was able to research and add knowledge to his existing expertise. Please click here to find out more. 

Material Matters Article

We are delighted to have our first article published in the Theatres Trust Autumn 2023 magazine. Written by our Director Flip Tanner, he looks at the considerations and challenges of selecting materials to use in theatres. Please click here for the full article. 


Interested to find out more? Please do get in touch.

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